Why the "Jesus Fish?"

Why the Ichthys Logo (“Jesus Fish”)? Although we make and sell a variety of printed clothing, our primary company logo is the Ichthys, also known as the "Jesus Fish." The logo for our brand of clothing is intended to be used as a witnessing tool (just like all of the other printed clothing!). This symbol is frequently seen on the back of cars, and while many people may recognize it as a Christian symbol, they may not know what the Greek letters mean. The symbol was used as early as the 2nd Century AD to recognize other Christians. This clothing, with this logo, serves to “open the door” for a conversation to witness (so does other Christian-themed clothing). When people see you wearing the symbol, they may ask you, “What does that mean?” Your answer: “It is the Greek letters which stand for Jesus Christ, Son of God, Savior.” It is also the Greek word for “fish!” How is that for a conversation starter? Now, go tell some people about Jesus!